Worm Farm Starter Kit
Worm Farm Starter Kit
Worm Farm Starter Kit
Worm Farm Starter Kit
Worm Farm Starter Kit
Worm Farm Starter Kit
Worm Farm Starter Kit
Worm Farm Starter Kit
Worm Farm Starter Kit
Worm Farm Starter Kit
Worm Farm Starter Kit
Worm Farm Starter Kit

Worm Farm Starter Kit


Complete Worm Farm Kit: Includes 1 Worm Castle, a coco coir brick for bedding, and a worm blanket, designed for easy maintenance on balconies, courtyards, or backyards. Made in Australia from recycled plastics.

Sustainable Gardening: Ideal for those wanting to adopt a sustainable lifestyle and make their own garden fertiliser (worm castings).

Family-Friendly: Great for involving kids in gardening, offering a fun and educational experience.

Compost Worm Options: If you need worms, choose from 500 or 1000 compost worm packages to start. Note: Worm shipping unavailable to WA, NT, and TAS, but Worm Farm is still orderable.

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Why the Regeno Worm Farm?

Unlimited Organic Fertiliser for Your Garden

Imagine having an endless supply of outstanding organic fertiliser for your garden at no cost. Forget those trips to the hardware store, and get ready for healthier plants and more abundant yields. Worm castings are the game-changer for your garden, and the best part? You'll soon be producing your own supply of worm castings with your very own worm farm.


Embrace a Greener Lifestyle

Utilise your kitchen waste and embrace a more sustainable way of living. With the knowledge that your scraps are being repurposed instead of contributing to landfill waste, you're not only benefiting the planet but also your household. It's a win-win for both the environment and your home.

A Family-Friendly, Educational Experience

Encourage your children to connect with nature and learn valuable life skills with a worm farm. It’s not just fun but also an educational journey, teaching them about high-quality soil, the importance of gardening, and sustainable practices. This hands-on experience is a great way to involve the whole family in an eco-conscious lifestyle.


Proudly Australian, Environmentally Friendly

Our worm farms are uniquely Australian, crafted from recycled plastics. By choosing our product, you're supporting local industry and contributing to a more sustainable world. It's an investment in the environment, crafted with care from materials that would otherwise contribute to pollution.

How to Set Up Your Worm Farm

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Find the Perfect Spot

Select a location that's shielded from direct sunlight to prevent the worms from overheating. Ideally, this should be an outdoor area, like a balcony or a backyard, situated in a shaded spot or under a tree.


Prepare the Bin

Start by placing some newspaper or cardboard at the bottom of the bin. Then, add the provided coco coir brick as bedding for the worms.


Introduce the Worms

Place the worms on top of the bedding. Beginning with roughly 1000 adult worms is advisable for starting your bin. However, the more worms you start with, the quicker your bin will reach its full capacity.

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Begin Adding Scraps

Cover the bedding with about 1 inch of food scraps (finely chopped is preferable). This can include any organic material such as food scraps, manures, paper, and other organic matter.


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