Compost Worms - 500

by Regeno
Sold out
  • 100% guaranteed live mix of 500 Red Wrigglers, European Nightcrawlers, and Tiger Worms!
  • Easy to follow Instructions on how to add to lawn/garden/composter.
  • Great home composting worm.
  • Excellent fishing worm.
  • Ongoing support provided.


In your order, you'll find adult worms, available in packages of 500, 1000, and 2000. What makes us unique is our commitment to delivering precisely what you've paid for—ready-to-go adult worms. And as an extra treat, your order will also include a mix of lively juveniles and eggs.

We proudly offer a blend of compost worms, including Reg Wrigglers, Tiger Worms, and European Nightcrawlers.

Certainly! You'll receive a lively assortment of adult worms, perfect for your fishing adventures.

To ensure your worms spend as little time in transit as possible, we ship from our Victorian location every Monday and Tuesday. For the best results and to minimize transit time, we recommend selecting express shipping with 1-3 day delivery. This way, your worms won't be in transit over the weekends. We take pride in our shipping process, and approximately 99% of our orders reach their destination without any issues. However, we understand that unforeseen delays can occur during transit. Rest assured, we always guarantee a live delivery. If there are any delays or other issues while your worms are in transit, we've got you covered with a free reshipment of worms.

Unfortunately, due to quarantine restrictions, we currently ship worm and soil products exclusively to Victoria, South Australia, Queensland, New South Wales, and Canberra. Keep an eye on our updates, as this policy may change in the future.

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