Wholesale & Dropshipped Compost Worms: Partner with Regeno

Are you a nursery, website, or an existing business looking to offer compost worms to your audience and customers? Partner with Regeno today!

What We Do:

Regeno specialises in providing high-quality compost worms to businesses like yours. Whether you run a nursery or a website, we make it easy to stock our products in-store or online.

Easy Onboarding & Technical Support: 

We'll handle all the technical aspects of setting up worm sales on your website, whether you're using Shopify, WordPress, or a custom platform. If you need assistance, we've got you covered.

Simple Ordering System:

We've streamlined the process. Our team will set up a simple and efficient ordering system tailored to your business needs.

Flexible Payment Terms:

Benefit from convenient 14 day payment terms available for our existing customers.

Custom Branding and Shipping:

Regeno takes care of all packing and shipping. Plus, we ensure your branding shines through! We offer customised packaging with your stickers and branding.

Your Customer Database:

Maintain your relationship with your customers. The customer database remains exclusively yours.

Variety and Quality:

Choose from a range of compost worms - 500, 1000, 2000 counts of Red Wigglers, Tiger Worms, and European Mixes.

Hassle-Free Packing:

Leave the tedious work of packing worms to us. Regeno is equipped to handle large-scale operations, ensuring you and your customers love our service.

Live Delivery Guarantee:

We promise a live delivery guarantee. Your worms will arrive alive and happy, provided they are received within two hours of delivery.

Connect with Tim!

Got questions? Talk directly to Tim from Regeno - 0475671189. Whether you're a vermiculture pro or new to the world of worms, i'm here to assist you.