Organic Veggie & Garden Soil

by Regeno
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Ideal for home gardeners seeking a reliable and straightforward solution for raised beds and small gardens, this premium soil mix is crafted to make gardening simpler while ensuring outstanding results.

  • Specialised Unique Blend: A superior combination of sandy loam soil, enriched with premium worm castings and biochar activated with worm tea.
  • Works For All Plants: Suitable for a diverse range of plants, including vegetables, lawns, ornamentals, fruit trees, and Australian natives.
  • Enhanced Microbial Activity: The Regeno Organic Soil Blend focuses on fostering a rich diversity of microbial activity, essential for sustained fertility and plant health.
  • Raised Bed Ready: Specifically formulated for use in raised garden beds, it promotes thriving growth in confined spaces.
  • Top Dressing and Garden Bed Rejuvenation: Ideal for top dressing, enriching soil surface layers, and rejuvenating plant health and appearance. Also excellent for revitalising existing garden beds or establishing new ones.
  • Delivery Options: Comes in loose-tip truck delivery, and 27L retail bags, accommodating all gardening needs.
  • Landscaping Labour On Request: Require assistance with filling your garden beds with soil or constructing new raised beds? If you need additional landscaping services, simply select the option during your order, and we will help you get set up upon delivery.
Important note: Loose-tip truck delivery and Landscaping Labour currently only available in Melbourne & Geelong / Surf Coast.

Currently, we offer delivery of our organic soil exclusively in Melbourne, Geelong, and the Surf Coast areas.

Our soil is available in two convenient packaging options: loose-tip truck delivery for large quantities and 27L retail bags for smaller needs.

We can help fill your raised garden beds with soil. Simply select ‘Yes’ for setup assistance required. This service saves you time and effort, and arrangements for this can be made at the time of order.

At Regeno, we emphasise microbial diversity in our soil, which is crucial for successful gardening. Our unique blend combines worm castings, activated biochar, compost, and sandy loam soil, delivering a superior mix that ensures remarkable results for all types of plants.

Yes, our soil is suitable for a wide range of plants, including vegetables, lawns, ornamentals, fruit trees, and Australian natives. Its versatile composition caters to various gardening needs.

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