Microtek Repair Plant & Soil Food

by Regeno
  • Transform Unproductive Soil: If your garden's not thriving, Microtek Repair adds life to lifeless soil, turning barren into bountiful.
  • All-Year Soil Revitaliser: Expertly crafted to rejuvenate any type of soil, Microtek Repair ensures all plants, including natives, flourish throughout the year.
  • Boosts Soil Biota: Packed with millions of CFUs to significantly enhance the microbial population and enrich your soil's health.
  • Consistent Quality: Thanks to a specialised feeding regime developed by microbiologists, Microtek worms provide a superior product for a more fertile soil.
  • Uniform Nutrient Absorption: The goodness in Repair clings to plant roots, promoting balanced nutrient uptake in diverse soil types.

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